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LG Appliance Repair Winnipeg

At Sunshine Appliance Repair, we are authorized for LG appliance repair, Winnipeg. We have reliable same-day LG repair services for Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. We are able to work on your LG appliance while it is under warranty without invalidating it. LG appliances are one of the most popular household and commercial appliances brands. They create innovative and quality devices that make our daily lives easier and more convenient. LG focuses on increased functionality in all their appliances and aims for 100% customer satisfaction with their products. Even though LG appliances are made to be durable, malfunctions and damages occur over time and with heavy use. That’s when you call us at Sunshine Appliance Repair. We know all the specs of working with all LG appliances and provide prompt and effective service for your appliances. Contact us today because we can help restore your LG appliance to like-new conditions.

LG Stove Repair Winnipeg

One of the most complicated kitchen appliances is the stove. You need to have special training, knowledge, and skill to determine the root cause of the breakdown. You also need the right set of tools. That’s why it is better to entrust your stove repair to a professional company like Sunshine Appliance Repair. We are a fully-licensed company that can complete your LG stove repair, Winnipeg. Repairs we often see are burners that don’t work, a ceramic stove top replacement, thermal issues, and the inability to set the temperature. They are all trained specialists who excel at troubleshooting and repairing electric stoves. Our technicians have extensive experience fixing LG stoves, and they are ready to help you now. By contacting our professional team, they will help you schedule a convenient time for an appointment and can provide information on the cost of our repair services. Ask how we can help!

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LG Oven Repair Winnipeg

For LG oven repair, Winnipeg, you must contact our friendly and courteous team at Sunshine Appliance Repair. Having a broken-down oven can be a pain when you want to cook a meal. But don’t plan on buying a replacement yet. We may be able to save you the added expense with one of our timely repairs. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to oven repairs. And we make sure that our technicians get the hands-on training they need to service your oven successfully. Whether your oven is running too hot and is burning all your food, or if it is not heating up enough to cook your food thoroughly, we are here to assist you with your LG appliance repair, Winnipeg. Our talented team will provide all the assistance they can from the moment you contact us. They’ll ensure that you get the excellent service you deserve.

LG Dishwasher Repair Winnipeg

Are you looking for an appliance repair company that can complete an LG dishwasher repair, Winnipeg? Then Sunshine Appliance Repair is the solution. We have a talented team of technicians who regularly handle maintenance and repairs for all LG dishwasher models. Whether it is a faulty dishwasher control panel or a broken dishwasher handle, we are ready to help. No problem is too big or too small. Despite LG being a leading appliance manufacturer, they are still prone to breakdowns. Issues that may occur include dishwashers that won’t fill or drain. Buttons that don’t work or control panel lights flashing or blinking. We can even fix door spring problems, leaks, over cycling, doors that won’t latch, and dispensers that do not work. Not to mention, we can deal with heating elements and motor problems. At Sunshine Appliance Repair, we are the best company to complete an LG dishwasher repair, Winnipeg.

LG Fridge Repair Winnipeg

Sunshine Appliance Repair is the go-to company for LG fridge repair, Winnipeg. Our technicians are the best in the region, and our customer service staff are both knowledgeable and helpful. We specialize in repairing LG refrigerators, including built-in and stand-alone, as well as freezers, wine coolers, and ice-makers. Call us when your LG fridge isn’t performing as it should, and we will send an experienced licensed technician to diagnose and repair the problem. We can usually have the refrigerator fixed in a day, so you don’t have to head back to the grocery store due to spoilt food. As one of the most widely-used home appliances, fridges are a staple in a household, and we know how crucial it is to have one that functions properly. And, not only do we repair LG fridges, but we also can install and maintain a new one. Contact Sunshine Appliance Repair today!